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Why Use Targeted Digital Advertising?
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Our experienced team uses a wide variety of advertising strategies to get targeted traffic for you! 

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Targeted Advertising: How We Connect You with the Perfect Audience

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Search Engine & Display Marketing
Paid advertising can be intimidating for new marketers. Businesses want their search engine campaigns to include set up and ad management, execution and retargeting. To accomplish this, we handle the keyword mining, ad creation, split-testing, pixel and targeting set up, conversion tracking and reporting. Knowing we must send traffic to your website, we do a full web page audit, incorporate your CRM or email automation provider and analyze your top competitor's activities. Your keywords, targeting and campaign performance is monitored for optimization daily. We make sure that people can find your business all over the web. Your campaign does not stop with optimizing, or split testing. Your campaign can be scaled to the volume and pace that suits your needs.  In fact, many people want to take advantage of our Banner ad offer and our  banner ad with traffic campaign Offer. Here are just a few places your ads can be placed using our proprietary ad management platform:
ESPN, USAToday, NYPost, WashingtonPost, CNN, RawStory, and hundreds more high-traffic sites.
Purpose: The idea is to infuse your campaign
 with keywords for which people will begin to find you and discover which keywords are working best for you. Plus, Customized banners linked to your web properties will be seen EVERYWHERE you want people to find you.  With the help of retargeting, your ad will follow your viewers again and again EVERYWHERE they go online for up to 90 days. Here is a sample banner ad below.


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Video Marketing Done For You

Put yourself in front of more buyers with high-converting videos. They have been proven to increase landing page conversion rates by up to 80%.  Having a customized video strategy to engage, educate and CONVERT your customers through your website and social media pages is the best way to stay competitive (in addition to consistently delivering your wonderful service). In fact, many businesses prefer to include a full video syndication service because of the traffic it brings to their business.
Use attention-grabbing videos to convert new visitors into customers in minutes.  Monitor and track engagement to optimizing video campaigns. The image below shows a sample video. The button beneath this image offers more information on our video syndication service.

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Strategic Social Media Presence

Connect With Your Target Market And Generate Leads With Social Media

How nice would it be to have your company's story shared with content and images while engaging your audience? Connect with your ideal customers 24/7 on their computer or smartphone with your great products and services. Proven social media strategies can help you attract new customers, engage your current ones and be sure your business stays on your customers’ minds. Some companies will simply start and end your campaign with Facebook. Why not include multiple social networks in your campaign to boost your leads and sales potential? You can select up to 5 networks for us to work with combined. In fact, to show the value of keeping a strong social media presence, we have a special offer. You can get access to our content marketing department and receive 30 days of social media content posts for your business (Valued at $499) at zero cost. Just visit our Social Media Offer page for more details.
Purpose: Point all arrows to your web properties that capture contact details of visitors.  Position you to get more selling opportunities. Watch the video below. It explains more details.


A Traffic Case Study
What Cold Traffic Can Bring...
The Lesson Here is Simple...
Cold traffic (an audience that has never seen your ad before) can still be ultra-targeted in various ways. It gets massive exposure, eye balls and (if they resonate with your ad) you will get plenty of clicks to your website. But the bigger picture is the potential for a huge retargeting campaign. Using the numbers in the above example, retargeting would enable the advertiser to put a different ad in front of the 348 people who clicked on the ad originally. This is a great way to maximize new selling opportunities to your website. There truly are NO LIMITS!
The ultimate goal is to master traffic generation, relax, and enjoy the the success.
What All These Numbers Mean...
In this case study, you are looking at the results of a cold traffic campaign. The niche is not given here. The campaign ran for a period of 62 days before a report was pulled. Within that time, the ad received 284,140 views (also called "impressions"). The cool part is that 348 people intentionally clicked on the ad and landed on the advertiser's website. This brief campaign would have costs between $X and $XX dollars depending on the niche. Even if just 10 of the 348 website visitors made a purchase, the ROI would be significant (revenue start at in the high $XX or $XXX per sale). Imagine paying $10-$50 or more (for each click) 348 times! That is a few thousand dollars for traffic that offers far less earning potential than display ads. 

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Your Process in 4 Simple Steps:


We listen to your story and learn about your business and objectives. We cannot determine if partnering with you is a good fit unless we first understand your needs and see if we can fulfill them.


Next, we will recommend a strategy to accomplish your goals within 10 to 60 days. It doesn't mean you won't see results for that much time, but that is the window of time initially dedicated to fully addressing your needs.


Once orders are placed, the campaign is launched and Standard Services begin immediately. With weekly reports and data collection, your campaign is strategically optimized for best results. 

Once you are satisfied with your services, we can scale your results up, or keep a steady flow of traffic and analysis. The goal is to ensure that you always have new prospects for making sales. 

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