We believe whole-heartedly in working with our clients who have payment issues. This is of course a courtesy being extended to
A Simple Cut Tree Service (ASCTS)
as of November 17, 2020.
A payment of just $53 today and an arrangement of small weekly payments will permit our design team to continue working on the website that was ordered and for which ASCTS expressed extreme satisfaction upon viewing of the draft.
Payment HistoryA Simple Cut Tree Service (ASCTS) entered into a payment agreement on September 18, 2020. This agreement included 4 payments of $482 for a total of $1928. This includes the agreed upon service fee of $1891.00 for Service Package #1 selected by the owner of ASCTS and a small processing fee that was explained via phone and approved by the client on the day the 1st. payment was processed.
Terms of Service
In accordance with the invoice shared with and viewed by ASCTS, by submitting the initial payment, ASCTS automatically agreed to the Terms of Service which requires a written notice of cancellation within 14 calendar days in advanced of the second payment due date if there was a need to discontinue service. Instead, ASCTS made a promise to complete the 2nd payment and requested a phone call to process this payment. Yet did not honor their word or call to request a payment adjustment. Alignment with our Terms of Service is clearly stated on every invoice. An adjustment in payments can be requested by phone or email. However, no requests were submitted. As a result, only the website is pending completion. Other services included in Package #1 are currently placed on hold. 
Total Pending Costs
The website cost by itself (as shown to ASCTS several times) is $997 since it does not include an ad campaign and targeted traffic driven to the website. The site maintenance fee is $50 per month. Thus far, a payment was submitted in the amount of $482 which leaves a balance of $515.00. ASCTS can make weekly payments of $53 for 10 Weeks. After completion of all payments, the $515 balance as well as a $15 processing fee will be paid in full.
Monthly Website Maintenance Service
The monthly maintenance of the website fee will be billed exactly 30 days following the final $53 weekly payment. If the client wishes to discontinue the maintenance fee payments, a written notice must be submitted via email or postal mail within 14 calendar days of the next billing due date. Cancellation of the maintenance fee automatically releases No Limits Today LLC of obligation to monitor, back up content and images, provide SSL Certification and update the website. It will remain as-is. This is also explained in the Terms of Service. 
A client's decision to withhold all communication, avoid communications from our office, and remain inaccessible does not justify OR permit exemption from their obligation to honor the service agreements into which they knowingly entered. 
We would sincerely like to avoid taking any further actions which would render ASCTS liable for our collection costs, court costs, or attorney's fees.  
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