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With the Promise of Unmatched Exclusivity 
If you want to add additional sales to your company's monthly volume, then you should apply to see if you meet the qualifications for our ROOFING LEADS PROGRAM. If selected, we will not offer our services to your local competitors. We can make sure you DOMINATE the roofing niche in your area. 


The Stats Do Not Lie!

Studies show that roofing companies with a great strategy for consistent lead flow can have up to a 200% increase in new customers! The average potential return on investment is huge! Our focus is on providing you with highly qualified customers in the form of phone calls and booked appointments. Our process is simple and the FOUR STEPS are listed below...


We start by doing the simple math. In other words, let's consider how many customers you are currently serving each month. What percentage of your appointments become sales? We cannot chart a path to get you to a greater volume of sales if we do not know where we are starting from.


Let's consider what you are already doing that is working really well for your business. Surely, we do not want to stop anything that fosters progress. However, what types of efforts meant to bring in more business are currently not working? We need to identify this and replace it with great methods that can boost appointments and sales. If there is nothing impeding progress and you are just ready to turn up the heat, that is great too!


After getting a full understanding of your needs and where you want to take your business, it is time to develop a customized strategy. This is the point where you decide what is best for you in terms of lead delivery. Regardless of the chosen lead generation method, you will be ready for us to send you phone calls and requested appointments. What makes us different from many consultants is that we only ask that you to pay for performance. In other words, you would only pay for the amount of calls or appointments that you need. Plus, we have an IRON-CLAD MONEY BACK GUARANTEE which makes this service irresistible!

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Within the following week, you should start receiving your prospects who were informed only about your services. You will experience the power of true exclusivity. We can also keep a nurturing email campaign going for you so that those who do not schedule an appointment right a way, can be added to your calendar in the following days or weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost per lead?

How can I track the phone calls and appointments?

What is the one-time set up fee?

What happens after the leads start rolling in?

For all campaigns going forward, how are they set up?

What is the IRON-CLAD MONEY BACK Guarantee?

What protections are there against bad leads?

You are protected against bogus leads. At the same time ,we are protected from the chance that a good lead may be deemed bogus in order to avoid paying for it. Sure, you may have integrity, but we must safeguard our team against the chance that someone else may not. Don't forget! You are also protected by our money-back guarantee. 

How can I qualify to wave the set up fee?

We can wave the $1997 set up fee for those who have a strong enough web presence that potential clients would not be potentially deterred after searching for your company online. We know that companies with a social media and search engine presence will often stand out against their local competitors when homeowners are searching online. Before and after we book an appointment with a prospect, they can decide that a roofing company's limp web presence throws them off. It is our responsibility to position all clients for the most conversions possible before they do their sales dance. We refrain from working with any companies whose leadership is not concerned with the perception conveyed by their business online. It is synonymous with potentially working against our own efforts and can lead to a poor experience for the customer. This does not mean that you need a bunch of online Facebook followers. It must means that no Facebook page at all could hinder the appointment setting process.

e will create a CRM for you that will house all of the recorded calls and bookings. You can track all the progress of your campaign. We will have a dedicated agent taking care of all the communications so you can focus on what you do best which is selling your fantastic services. This is covered in the one-time set up fee. 

What is the one-time set up fee?

What happens after the leads start rolling in?

For all campaigns going forward, how are they set up?

What is the IRON-CLAD MONEY BACK Guarantee?

You Get Services Included at No Extra Cost!

Every company we work with will receive access to our free CRM platform and set up, along with 25 branded incentives that can be used to reward customers and show appreciation. These incentives are presented during our onboarding sessions but include free popular electronic products, restaurant gift cards, and much more. Valued at $1997.  Plus, we will take care of using email marketing to maintain customer awareness and engagement with your services and special offers. We want to help you gain the trust and loyalty of every new customer that we sent your way!