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May 12.2022
4 Minutes Read

The HVAC Industry's Challenges in 2022

Every industry has faced problems in the past year. While every year brings something new to deal with, the COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly challenging.

Whatever happens in 2022, some of the challenges faced by firms in the previous year will continue to resonate.

So, as we enter a new year, what difficulties can the HVAC sector face?

Here are a few of the issues on the horizon that may necessitate innovative company solutions:

Shortages in the Supply Chain

During the previous year, international shipments dropped dramatically. Steel, aluminum, copper, and polymers were difficult to come by, slowing down the HVAC equipment manufacturing process.

Semiconductors, which are used in electronics and electric appliances like air conditioners, were also in short supply. Supply chain problems are likely to continue to affect the business next year.

Keeping in touch with equipment vendors can help to alleviate these problems. It will be easier to arrange orders if you know which suppliers have particular things in stock and when they are likely to run out.

However, most HVAC companies cannot afford, either physically or financially, to stock an entire warehouse with spare parts just in case. As a result, time management and organization are essential. It's critical for HVAC companies to keep track of their schedules.

Don't be caught off guard by the approach of cold weather; prepare ahead for your inventory requirements well before the season arrives. Follow up with your consumers to schedule appointments in advance, so you'll know exactly what's needed and when it's needed.

Shortages of labor

There is a labor shortage on the horizon as fewer and fewer young people pursue skilled crafts, preferring instead to pursue intellectual university degrees. Apprenticeship applications are at an all-time low.

Labor will be a major problem in 2022 and beyond. The best way to prepare is to establish your company as the best place to work in the industry. Employees today are looking for more than just a paycheck, so offering a diverse set of monetary and non-monetary benefits is essential.

Thousands of more tradesmen are due to retire in the near future, so start filling your hiring pipeline right away. Make connections with trade schools, attend career fairs, and make sure your present employees are excited to shout your praises and refer their friends to you.

Extreme Weather Situations

Extreme weather occurrences are becoming more common in cities. The blazing temperatures in Calgary this summer broke records, sending many scrambling for air conditioning.

Because weather forecasts may only be so accurate if there are dramatic weather fluctuations throughout the year, your firm may see an increase in demand at odd periods. That's fantastic in most cases! However, when there is a labor shortage and supply chain concerns, it can put your company under additional strain.

The rule of thumb is to expect the unexpected.

Education for Homeowners

Everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many other things on their minds, homeowners may have put off or forgotten about routine maintenance.

From a commercial standpoint, there are two issues with delayed maintenance. The first is persuading homeowners that performing essential maintenance as soon as feasible is in their best interest—and, in the long run, in the best interest of their wallet.

It is the responsibility of HVAC providers and experts to assist homeowners in making informed decisions. The difficulty is striking a balance between any budget restrictions imposed by the pandemic and ensuring that they appreciate the need for maintenance.

The second issue is that when the COVID-19 situation improves, there may be a rush on maintenance and repairs as homeowners return to normalcy. This could exacerbate any supply chain concerns and put a burden on technician availability.


COVID-19 will be with us for an unknown amount of time. Governments and health officials do their utmost to offer accurate modeling and information, but no assurances can be made.

When the number of cases rises, businesses prepare for the potential impact of public policy on their operations.

When case numbers drop, we strive to keep our optimism under control and prepare for a variety of eventualities. From both a mental health and a business standpoint, the perpetual uncertainty about what lies ahead is daunting.

Ascertain that your staff has access to quality resources and that they are able to maintain a healthy mind and body. A well-cared-for workforce has the extra benefit of reducing labor shortages because happy employees tell their friends that your company is a terrific place to work.

The best counsel we can give is to stay the course. Homeowners will always require the services of dependable HVAC professionals, and if we do our best to provide a flawless experience for our clients, we will always be successful.



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