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Four Social Media Marketing Tips For Realtors

I knew this would help as soon as I saw it. Check out what author Chris Leo has to say to Real Estate professionals who want to be successful using social media:

(Article Link: https://movou.com/blog/four-social-media-marketing-tips-for-realtors-that-will-convert-and-bring-in-business/)

"Social Media Marketing and Digital Advertising for Real Estate is not a lost cause. 

There are plenty of effective strategies you can employ to convert leads and get new business. Today I discuss four tips. One debate that never stops to occurring, when I’m speaking with Realtors® about digital marketing and advertising is whether social media is worth the spend. Even though social media and digital marketing are proven entities, there seems to be some confusion about it still. Many times, I think it’s just the strategies that agents are employing to promote themselves and their listings that are the issue. If you miss the mark enough times, your marketing efforts will fall flat. Because of this, I can see how it is easy to understand why they might equate this failure to the marketing vehicle itself and not the marketing strategy. The truth though is that social media and digital marketing for Real Estate does work and today I want to share with you four tips that will turn your campaigns around, convert and bring in the business you so richly deserve.

  If You Want To Be The Area Expert, You Need To Promote The Town 

This one is one of those things that agents always forget about. Many times, in hopes of being looked at as a Real Estate expert, they spend all their time talking about the actual house they are listing and very little, to no time talking about the actual city the home is located in. This is a big problem. You see, first off, Real Estate is a personal business. Potential clients need to feel a personal connection with you, or it is going to be very hard for you to get them to want to do business with you. Secondly, part of being a local Real Estate expert isn’t just about knowing everything there is to know about the house you are selling. It’s about knowing everything there is to know about the town the home is in. If you can demonstrate to homeowners, through your marketing, that you not only are intimately familiar with the home you are selling, but also have specific, deep knowledge of the surrounding area, you will demonstrate to them that you take your job very seriously and truly are the area expert. Not only that, they will assume that when they are ready to sell their home, should they list it with you, you will do the same great job for them. 

 If You Want To Be A Thought Leader In Your Marketplace, You Can’t Preach…TEACH 

This is quite possibly the number one trap I see Realtors® fall into. Not just with social media marketing, but just about every form of marketing at one time or another. Basically, what ends up happening is that the Realtor® spends so much time touting that new listing, or the fact that they sold it for over asking, or the fact that they are the top 1%, etc. in the marketplace, their marketing comes off as them simply shouting at homeowners and the homeowners start ignoring them. The number one way to become a thought leader in your marketplace is simply by teaching homeowners. Don’t make it a mystery as to what you do. Detail what it is, explain to them how you do it, and illustrate through story telling, the work that you do. A funny thing happens when you do this. As humans, when someone does something like this for us, giving us free advice and information, and expecting absolutely nothing in return, we feel inherently obligated to try and return the favor. This is how you win and establish yourself as the thought leader in your marketplace and get homeowners to refer you to their friends, and call you themselves, when they end up needing your services.

  Being On Social Media Is More Than Broadcasting Your New Listings and Recent Sales 

Remember, the word, “Social” is in “Social Media”. If all you ever do is post about your listings and sales, never engaging in somebody else’s conversations, or sharing nothing social about your life at all, you are not an active participant in Social Media and any of your advertising efforts are just going to fall short. If you want to be successful on Social Media and want to grow your Real Estate Practice by using the platform and advertising on it, you have to follow the rules that have been pre-established. If anyone goes online and searches Real Estate Agent’s business pages, I’d bet dollars to donuts that a good 50-60% of the population believes these established norms don’t apply to them and instead decide to simply broadcast information about their listings and sales. If you want to win at Social Media and digital marketing, don’t be this agent. Engage with people and make the effort to be social on whatever social media platform you are marketing your Real Estate Practice on. 

  Respond To ALL Comments (Good & Bad) And Most Of All, DO NOT Delete Negative Comments Or Block Users . 

I get it. Nobody wants to see negative things being said about them, or feeling like they are being attacked for no good reason. It’s important to remember again though that this is social media, and unfortunately, in many ways, it’s like the wild wild west, when it comes to communicating with people. When it comes to dealing with negative comments, or people that seemingly are just trolling you, the best offense in these situations is to respond in a polite, constructive way. Also, NEVER EVER delete the person’s comments or block them from participating on your page. When you do this, it is literally encouraging them to find new and even more unique ways to mess with you and try to upset you. Running effective Real Estate Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategies is not impossible. They just need patience, consistency, and a little bit of knowledge of the pre-defined rules of the platforms. As a busy Real Estate professional, we understand that managing these activities on your own may not be for you. We are always here to lend a hand though. If you would like to talk with us about your Digital Marketing and Social Media needs, please click the banner below."

Wow, this was so enlightening! I hope it served you well. As you know, we are always here to make sure your content and engagement in social media helps you achieve your goals.

About the author: Chris Leo is a Silicon Valley, CA entrepreneur, complete workaholic, top notch inbound marketer, dad to the coolest kid on the planet, type “A” personality, shameless self-promoter and never ending “connector”. Even though he is seemingly always working, when he does take breaks, the “work hard, play hard” motto takes on a whole new meaning. Most people talk about “wanting to do things”, Chris goes out and actually does them.

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