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Driving in Traffic VS. Driving Traffic

(This post excludes people who work from home for a company or collect revenue from cryptocurrency, options trading, or real estate investments.)

 Let's talk about the other two categories of people who make money. 
They either drive in traffic or they drive traffic. We will present a quantitative comparison and let you decide which one sounds more appealing. For some, one option may sound more frightening than the other. But we will present our take on these options (coming from experience) and let you decide for yourself. 

When you must drive in traffic to earn a living, you have to factor in monetary costs such as wear and tear on your vehicle, the current and long-term costs, and the stress of daily traffic on your health. The money is spent to cope with the stress (like spending $100 per week at Starbucks, fast food, and other comfort foods like donuts and other sweets), or just buying lunch if it is not brought from home. Not everyone works for a company that provides free lunch for employees. 

What about the total amount of time spent in a month traveling to and from a job? According to Zippia.com, "The average American commute time to and from work is 55 minutes.". However, some people drive up to 50 minutes one way. Yet, they do not earn money until they reach their jobs and begin working. 

Can you add up the money you are not being paid while driving back and forth, paying for gas, the greater frequency of oil changes, occasional tire issues, and the extra spending on food that comes with driving in traffic each day? What kind of number would you be able to quantify? Write it down. Look at it.

Then compare that to your hourly earnings. Take your annual earnings, you can divide that number by the total hours you've worked for that year.Write that number down. Look at it. What is your opinion of these numbers? Is your payment worth the time and expense that you are incurring every day?

Some people (especially those who say they love what they do) might say, "Absolutely!" Good for them!Many, many other people might look at their numbers and say, "Absolutely not! I cannot continue like this!!"  

Now let's look at the alternative way to make money by driving traffic.First of all, what does this mean? For those who are not in the online marketing space, this is foreign, strange rhetoric.This is part of what makes it scary. Driving traffic is quite simple. 

You pick a product or service. You identify who would likely take an interest in it.
You figure out where they hang out online. Then you place that product or service right in front of that group. Ideally, you would have the right audience heading over to a specific online page to get more information about it. Out of all the many people who were driven by you to that page,a certain amount of people will take interest and eventually buy what you are featuring. 

Here is a realistic example.   

We found 100 home service providers that have really poor reviews about their business on Google. We saw the complaints and how recently they were published by disgruntled customers. We reached out to each of those 100 businesses using emailing software. In that email, each company had a screenshot of their own company's negative reviews included.This was done mostly by sophisticated technology. So the whole email campaign only took 30 minutes to set up, including making sure that the 100 businesses were uploaded into it. 

Remember, this was an attempt to drive 100 businesses (in the form of traffic) to our page that talks about an automated way to prevent bad reviews from being published on Google. We could have advertised this service on Facebook or Google. However, instead, we simply used email marketing to get just 100 targeted viewers (the traffic) to look at a demo of reputation management software. In this example, we drove traffic while sitting at a computer, instead of driving in traffic to make money.  

Here is what happened next.

We had 40 businesses visit our demo page and 27 of those viewers requested an appointment.18 of them found our solution to be affordable and worth the expense.They were happy to pay the $1997 annual fee to license the platform for their businesses.and pay the $299/mo service fee.

Let's quantify the data, shall we?

  • Research time: 30 minutes (using software to find these ideal prospects)
  • Time spent talking to each of the 27 responsive businesses (45 minutes)= roughly 20 hours in one week. 
  • Time onboarding the 18 businesses who purchased the solution and system (20 minutes) = roughly 6 hours
  • Total "work" time for this traffic-driving campaign: 26.5 hours. 

This would amount to a full-time workweek for many people. To dial this down to part-time, we could have reached out to fewer prospects.

Here are the earning results:

  • Total revenue: $35,946 - collected upfront.
  • Total MRR: $$5,382 (monthly recurring revenue)

This is gross revenue. 

  • Operating costs, merchant processing fees, and software maintenance costs are deducted from this, obviously.

Here is the real kicker!! Consider the possibilities...

This example applies to just 1 niche in one industry like roofing for homeowners. We can run this same campaign to reach out to HVAC, garage  doors, solar, landscaping, pest control, and countless other providers in the home services industry.  

The reputation management and marketing system used for this example works great for attorneys, dentists, and any industry where people will post their reviews online. What would happen if we more drove traffic and gained 18 new customers for each of the 10 other niches? 

What would happen if the paying customers later bought additional services at a discount of only $199? In this example, the answer amounts to an additional $3,582/niche. Consistently running this system with such minimal conversions could result in a nice six-figure operation with many processes occurring on autopilot.

What would happen if people who did not buy at first, eventually became customers later on because our email system continuedto inform and nurture those who did not purchase right away (on autopilot), while we were off having fun with our families?

What would happen if our happy customers each referred two new customers? The opportunity to gain more sales later with no additional outreach efforts is huge! What if we used automated software to promote case studies with our happy customers and it pulled in more prospects who were driven (as more traffic) to our demo page?  

This is why so many people enjoy working by driving traffic rather than driving in traffic to earn money for their families. You can earn a year's worth of money within a very short period, such as a week.Driving traffic can work to generate sales for physical or digital products and services that you do not own, never have to ship or fulfill,never have to create, and never have to provide support for. This is known as affiliate marketing. We have an entire suite of resources available for those interested in learning about this.

Nonetheless, it is easy to see how it is possible to generate wealth, or at least match or exceed one's existing income earned by driving in traffic every day, by simply pivoting to just driving traffic. We would never suggest being irresponsible and just quitting one's job without first developing a new skill, or learning how to drive traffic online.

However, if you look at the comparison presented in this post and you realize that there is a huge difference in the lifestyle that driving traffic offers, compared to the daily commute to a job (especially if you are not truly fulfilled there), then you should connect with us. One of our team members can help you create a plan and process to make the change and gain access to greater freedom of time, limitless earning possibilities, and much more. 

Book an appointment on our calendar and one of our team members will help you get on that "yellow brick road" to create your own "wizard" that lets you click your mouse a few times, to learn how to make your money by driving traffic online! So many people are either driving in traffic or driving traffic. 

So the question is, which scenario is more appealing to you? 

*The author makes no guarantees of wealth using the methods presented in this post, as it is impossible to make guarantees about a person's willingness or ability to learn this skill and remain disciplined and dedicated enough to apply it.There are many learning curves and only a willingness to dive in, digest, and then overcome these curves will enable a person to benefit from driving traffic online.*  

Thumbnail image courtesy of: https://www.geotab.com/blog/traffic-congestion/

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