Why Do You Need ADA Compliance Services?
Americans with Disabilities Act...
In this day and age of the internet, businesses are being hit with lawsuits because their websites are not compliant with the requirements issued by the A.D.A. You never expect it to happen to you. You might feel that if your website is not on page one of Google for your primary keywords, you won't need to be concerned about these requirements. Here are three reasons to get your website compliant:

It shows people with disabilities that you are empathetic enough to consider their needs when they come to your website. You value them just as much as you value every other consumer.

You can avoid a lawsuit that would impose hefty legal fees, loss of time for your business and bruise your good reputation. Negative press of this nature could make you look indifferent to those with disabilities. This is a turn-off to potential buyers.

You can set a leadership example and upstage your local competitors who have not made the effort to provide this level of accommodations for their visitors. 


ADA Compliance Service

Just a few of the Brands and Business Owners that are Proud to be ADA Compliant:

Protect Your Business from Predatory Lawsuits Now

Here is What You are Getting:

After installing a single line of JavaScript code to your website, the ADA accessibility interface will appear according to your preferred settings.

The A.I. technology immediately scans and analyzes your website.

Within 48 hrs., your website is certified as being fully compliant.

Your website pages are scanned every 24 hours to make sure new and revised content are adjusted to be compliant with ADA Standards. Saving you time and money.

Step 1: Set Your Activation Call to Order Service
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Step 2: You will Receive a Snippet of Code to Add to Your Website
< code >
Step 3: Relax and Avoid the Threat of Lawsuits
100% ADA Compliant